Alligator trading activities and products

How did it all start?

In 1982 we had an inquiry from a trading company in Tanzania owned by Mr. Said Namoyo, for 16.000 telephone poles. That was the start for our trading department - we even managed to take a part of that order.
Trading activities followed in Ethiopia, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Iran, Singapore and Taiwan.
A barter deal led to the import of Tanzanian T-shirts which in turn created Fruit Distribution, a company in our group, still in the garment business.

The supply of timber to Japan started 1991 and has now reached a level of 40.000 m3 per year.

We believe that our capability to build up relationships and trust with people from different cultures is the main key to our success.
Alligator AB is involved in both import and export in a broad spectrum of goods. Products and services are related to our business partners needs. We are specialists in finding products on behalf of our customers to their technical and commercial satisfaction.

We have excellent knowledge and contacts within timber and industrial products from Scandinavian manufacturers.